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December 8, 2014
October 25, 2015


The island of Cozumel, or "Cuzamil" from the Mayan "Kosom, Lumil" land of the swallows. The third Mexican island at greater length. It is located southeast of the Yucatan Peninsula. In the Caribbean Sea, 18 km from Playa del Carmen. And an hour and a half from Cancun.

With an area of 48km from north to south and from east to west 14.8km. In Cozumel are multiple attractions. As many beaches, cenotes, the small island of passion at the north of the island, south protected national park, tourist park Chankanaab, Mayan archeological sites, among many others. Known for its tranquility and history. Maya Island for the worship of the Goddess of fertility Itxel; where it housed important people in the history of Mexico, Juan de Grijalva, Hernán Cortés, Geronimo de Aguilar, and the father of misgeneration in Mexico, Gonzalo Guerrero. Old site of arrival of pirates.

With friendly and helpful people, is one of the top international level in terms of cruise ship arrival and first in Mexico.
Sought by scuba divers for the marine life, crystal clear and calm waters; where you can make different water activities.

With a wide diversity of marine life and one of the nesting sites of sea turtles .

The island of Cozumel can be reached by air or sea. It has a lot of category hotels and an international airport.

Tourists can appreciate from the hotels in the south and north, the beautiful beaches of Cozumel, with its white sands and beautiful blue sea.
With a rich variety of restaurants and attractions, you can say that Cozumel is a heaven for those seeking relaxation and family enjoyment, for the ones that are amazed of the wonders of the Caribbean sea.

The most frecuent water attractions are:
Parasailing: it's getting on a boat that has a platform where you put a harness and a parachute, with the rhythm of the wind flying at a height of 25 m or 80 feet. During a time period of 12-15 minutes in the air. It has for 1 or 2 people, depends of the wind and the weight. for children you can do 3 people in one flight.
Deep Sea Fishing: An amazing attraction in Cozumel because we are open to seasonal fishing of maji maji , tuna, barracuda, wahoo. Costs vary depending on high or low season. Offers half day or full day (5-8 hours). If there is a successful fishing is given to client fish fillets to be cooked in the restaurant where you are.
Snorkeling is one of the two most common attractions on the island, since; is for all ages and the whole family enjoyment unrestricted. There are several modes of snorkel there in a normal boat, glass bottom boat, party boat, etc.
With us all these modalities are handled, giving the customer the best way in which to enjoy the wonderful reefs. Our boats have marine park permit, which can enter to protected reef area, enjoy the reefs and help preserve them.

The regular boat to snorkel is for up usually to 12 people, but we also have the 22 people (in case of a large group), the ship has 22 persons bathroom. For people who do not want to swim or do not know, we have the glass bottom boat with a maximum of 12 people. In all our travels we offer water, soda, beer and some chips.

They are also given the equipment (in advance are given in the shop or on the boat if the person has been booked at another hotel outside of our site), we only ask that you bring your towels. At our outlets also offer what are photographs and / or videos of your trip, such as a plus (it's a separate payment for the payment of the travel).
Diving is the main attraction of Cozumel, and you can enjoy more thoroughly the marine life diversity , going with PADI certified dive masters , to most beautiful reefs in the Mexican Caribbean . All under protected area from parks and museums on the island . Our trips are usually double tank, where the first dive is deep and the second is shallow.

Although the service can offer 1 tank . We also have service for groups, with several options for you to feel comfortable. Our dive masters make groups of 8 persons maximum for each one , we offer private dive masters ; with a different amount of money.

Learning services diving and instruction is provided. Our shop is PADI certified .
Conducted two double-tank trips every day and we have special trip areas for experienced people to dive; these trips are one day in advance and a minimum of 6 people . We also have night dive, with a minimum group of 6 people.

Divers choose whete to go on the boat, with a votation , if people do not know where to go first , the dive master makes a recommendation in accordance with the conditions of the day.

With a smile and quality entertainment we provide the best service you can have. With 23 years of experience, with experienced guides and staff we welcome you to our island for your pleasure and enjoyment.


There is an extensive and varied range of activities that can be offered on the island. In its most aquatic. Many of the non-motorized watersports depend on the area in which they are located, if the beach is rocky area or arena and hotel regulations. We can mention the main attractions on offer in watersports.
    • BEACH
    • BOAT
      • PARTY BOAT
  •  DIVE
      • BEACH
      • BOAT
      • BOAT
        • PRIVATE
        • REFF
          • DEEP
          • SHALLOW
        • ESPECIAL
          • WRECK DIVE
          • DEVIL’S TROAT
          • MARACAIBO
          • NIGHT
    • HALF DAY
    • FULL DAY
    • 1 PERSON
    • 2 PEOPLE
    • 3 PEOPLE
    • 1 PERSON
    • 2 PEOPLE
    • 1 PERSON
    • 2 PEOPLE

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