August 20, 2015


Here is a guide of what to mention (if you don’t know) when you contact us for your reservation.

1.- NAME: well, we need to know how to address you and to know the name of the person who will be in charge (if you a group or if you are a couple)
-if you are a group or couple: please leader, mention the names of the team members or your partner.
2.- E-MAIL: we need to know where to answer your questions.
3.- SUBJECT: What activity do you want to have with us? (fishing, snorkeling, parasailing, diving, instructions or special trips)
4.- DAY OF ARRIVAL AND HOTEL: remember we need to know when you will be staying at, in order to know what day you want to do your activity. for the hotel, we can departure in the southern hotels, we need to know where you will be at in order to give you time of departure and/or where will be the departure at.

****.- IF YOU ARE AT A CRUISESHIP OR IN MAIN LAND: please tell us!
CRUISESHIP: name of the cruiseship, arrival in Cozumel and the departure hour (cozumel time).
MAIN LAND: what hotel you will be (cancun, playa del carmen or riviera) , if you have plans over the island in order to tell you what activities you can do at the time that you want.
5.- HOW MANY DAYS YOU WANT TO DO THE ACTIVITY: if you want to do more than one activity just need to mention it (parasailing, fishing, snorkeling, instructions or diving) . if you know how many days you want to do the activity. We know that you can’t be 100% certain of the days, but aproximadetly how many days you’re going.
6.- DO YOU NEED EQUIPMENT? : We offer the service of equipment rental,please tell us if you are bringing your equipment or if you need any equipment. If you need, please tell us the size to get it ready for you.



-Please remember to mention if they are certified and the level, and bring your certification card.
-Do you want us to give you the application form online? you can bring it with us, in your first day of the activity.

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