Here we will explain to you where is our Location in the island and clear your questions regarding how to go to Dive Palancar Dive Shop.

Step 1

You need to know first where you will be staying.It depends if you are at the island or if you are at main land.

If you are in the island you can SKIP THE STEP 1 and go directly to STEP 2.

For those of you that are not in the island, please check where is your hotel. To be at the island are only two ways, boat or plain.

1.- For the plain: (we don’t recommend it, is a lot of money and we don’t know the schedules or costs)

2.- For the boat: are you planning to come here with a car? or without?

2.1.- The first choice you need to go to, CALICA FERRI PORT. the schedules depends of the day, you can see them at:

Please check the schedules of the ferri, is recommended to go 1 hour in advance to be on the list at the Ferri. The duration of the Ferri is 1 and a half or 2 hours. to the ferri to our location is 20-25 min.

2.2.-The second choice you need to go to, PLAYA DEL CARMEN MAIN PORT. The schedules depends of the day and the company. here are the websites of them:
keep in mind that the boat trip is 45-50 min, and the transport (taxi) are 20-30 min to come over our place.

Step 2

Are you on the island? well you have 3 ways to check with us!

1.- If you are at a Southern Hotel; we go for you at the pier! you don’t need to transport yourself to our place. the payments can be by our website or by our reservation guy that goes at the pier.(just check with us and tell us what hotel you are in order to tell you what to do and the times of departure)

2.- If you are at a cruiseship; please check your schedules of departure. we recommend you to be half hour in advance at the “DIVE PALANCAR PIER” and check the duration of the activity in order to be on time to your cruiseship. (the trip of the taxi is 25-30 min)

3.- If you are at the town or at the northern hotels Or at the San miguel Pier or at Ferri pier of the island. you have two ways:

I.- TAXI: tell the taxi that you want to go to “DIVE PALANCAR PIER” If he doesn’t know, we are at the north of the “Sunscape Sabor Hotel” you will see figurines of divers and our logo at the street.

II.- Rental car: we are located at the north of the “Sunscape Sabor Hotel” you need to go to the coastal road. ( the road that you can see “money bar” or the road that you can go for the Fiesta Americana Hotel )

If you don’t know how to pass over the coastal road you can enter in the normal road, you will see the chankanaab gate, you can enter that gate and there is the coastal road.

Note: Don’t go fast, the coastal road is a ONE WAY only. but a lots of locals and some turists don’t obey. Be careful and watch out. (we care about your safety)

Step 3

If you want to see us!

We are located at the Sunscape Sabor Hotel & Secrets Aura Hotel. Our ubication is simple if you are there. we are located near the wooden pier. you will see the Mexican Flag, we are right there!

since we are not the consetion ones at the hotel, you need to put your reservation in the website or go to the front desk. apple or amstar are the one you can go and buy your diving services (we can offer you the snorkeling, parasailing and fishing in our store) just talk to them that you want to DIVE WITH US!


Call us! we offer our call center 24/7. we provide this cell phone to register your reservation and questions that you have.

+52 (987) 106 63 90